Michaela West

Daily Point of Light # 4840 Aug 27, 2012

Michaela West has been co-presenting safety awareness programs since she was 4-years-old. Last summer at 5-years-old she started taking the lead and teaching children the response techniques to recognize danger. She invented the character of SuperKid that protects kids by give them the power to protect themselves through knowledge, not fighting, manipulation or weaponry. She also taught self-defense techniques and Kung Fu to at -risk children during a six week summer camp program held at the Good Knight Enchanted Kingdom’s Castle headquarters location.

One of the main difficulties she faced were having adults take her seriously. The kids loved her as soon as she stepped onto the stage. She captured their attention and woke up their imagination so they could learn and retain the information. She overcame the difficulty of the adults not taking her seriously by not giving up. As soon as the adults started to listen to the words coming out of her mouth instead of just seeing her age they knew she was addressing serious issues like bullying, abduction and crime against children.