Bev Van Canagan

Daily Point of Light # 3472 May 25, 2007

Missoula Aging Services is responsible for planning, coordinating and delivering services which supports Missoula County's older residents, their families and caregivers by promoting independence and dignity, serving elders with the greatest need, providing easy access to services, providing opportunities for seniors to make a difference in their communities, and providing consumer education and advocating for quality services.

Bev Van Canagan joined the organization as a volunteer in the spring of 1994. Since that time, she has served many hours in various capacities. Bev is a dependable volunteer that always brings a cheerful demeanor and a lot of enthusiasm.

Bev has volunteered for Missoula Aging Services by serving with meals on Wheels, ROOTS and RSVP. Bev delivers nutritious food to clients with the Meals on Wheels program. She also delivers commodities for the ROOTS program and participates in outreach for RSVP. Bev is currently serving as administrative support for the front desk two days each week. She is the initial contact for the agent’s clients, either in person or over the phone, and it is evident that the organization places confidence in her abilities.

Bev excels as a communicator. She is well versed in the Missoula Aging Services programs so she can efficiently connect someone in need with someone who can assist them. Her communication with clients extends to sincerity and caring. Sometimes she is even called upon to utilize her Russian language skills. The staff is comfortable leaving Bev in charge and rely on her to handle most every situation they encounter. Bev’s support of the agency, her dedication to serving as a volunteer and her disposition are invaluable. She is one of Missoula Aging Services finest assets.