Caroline Squires

Daily Point of Light # 3471 May 24, 2007

Caroline Squires has been serving at Missoula Aging Services since 2002. Caroline has given to the agency in various capacities, but no matter which “hat” she was wearing; she always made a difference.

Caroline began her career with the Senior Nutrition Program as an Experience Works employee. In 2004, she decided to work with the Senior Companion Program. Caroline has worked with a variety of individuals offering not only support with transportation, socialization and weekly errands, but most importantly she has provided company and friendship.

One of the things that make Caroline so special is her ability to meet her clients and thoughtfully examine their interactions. She is able to truly listen and see how her responses and communication style helps make real successes in situations that might otherwise be challenging. Caroline is very reflective. She takes the time to truly listen and hear what her clients have to say. Then she is able to bring out the positives in each situation and learn from each relationship.

In addition to her work as a Senior Companion, Caroline also volunteers one day a week as a Nutrition Office Assistant. She also frequently keeps her husband company as they deliver Meals on Wheels together. Caroline has a full schedule; however, she makes sure to take the time to serve.