Bill and France Moriarty

Daily Point of Light # 4605 Sep 30, 2011

Bill and France Moriarty are retired and travel around the country full-time in their RV, lending their assistance to Habitat for Humanity affiliates nationwide.
After they sold their construction company, they began to volunteer more than half of their time, traveling in a custom-built truck and trailer filled with tools and materials. They’ve worked with Habitat for Humanity since 2002 all over the country. They were first-responders to Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and worked with Operation Home Delivery with Habitat after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Their contributions include creating building plans for affiliates, assisting with permitting processes, land purchases and coordinating Global Village, Collegiate Challenge, AmeriCorps and RV Care-A-Vanner volunteers.
Bill and France assisted in the merger of the two Mississippi coastal Habitat for Humanity affiliates to become the Habitat for Humanity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast in January 2007. Bill acted as construction director and oversaw all aspects of construction and more.
They address the needs of those living in substandard housing conditions by working with Habitat for Humanity and gearing specifically toward affiliates across the country in need of assistance, guidance, support and capacity building by helping to boost the affiliates’ functional and operational capacity so that they are better equipped to serve the community.
This couple is special because they give and keep on giving without any thought of reciprocation or recognition. They can look at the world, see what it needs, and put themselves in the position to do something about it and inspire others to do the same. This is why Bill and France are Daily Points of Light.