Lawrence Ward

Daily Point of Light # 4604 Sep 29, 2011

Lawrence Ward volunteers up to 32 hours a week providing quality service for retirees, veterans, military family members and enhancing the education environment of local youth.
Lawrence spends his time helping active duty members through counseling and provides claims assistance, casualty assistance, and military benefits. His tireless effort and confident approach to his daily tasks allows him to quickly determine the needs of everyone. He also serves as the Retired Affairs Officer, maintains the Professional Reading Room and serves as the Legislative Committee Chair for Joint Base Myers/Henderson Hall. He acts as a liaison between veteran’s organizations such as the USMC War Memorial, Marine Corps Drill Instructor Association and also the National Museum of the Marine Corps.
In order to help the youth in his area, Lawrence volunteers with the Tutor and Buddy program at the Barcroft Elementary School.
Lawrence’s technical experience, long hours assisting service members in achieving their goals, unyielding and loyal devotion and sincerity are what make him a Daily Point of Light.