Bob Fabor

Daily Point of Light # 4626 Oct 31, 2011

Bob Fabor is a Point of Light in his community providing quality Boy Scouting experiences to boys of all ages in the Baltimore Maryland Council. Bob himself has over 20 years of scouting knowledge and has been a positive influence to a long list of Eagle Scouts who have returned to lead new boys.

The Boy Scout program is one that the Baltimore community deeply cares about. The program teaches males constructive attributes to care about their fellow man or scout and to help the community all the while they acquire a good understanding of nature and their surroundings.

Bob has a passion for being a good role model and cares about the welfare of the boys in his county. Bob is so dedicated to the Boy Scout program he goes above and beyond his teaching role. He is committed to doing anything and everything that is asked of him to help Community Engagement of Boy Scouts in the Baltimore area. Bob provides support to various Cub Scout and Boy Scout units teaching specific survival and leadership skills, he is on medical staff for all weekend activities, and functions as the community engagement member of the 4 Rivers District for the monthly business meeting and roundtable. He is a remarkable man, and the Boy Scout community is lucky to have him as a mentor.