Brad Jamison

Daily Point of Light # 5001 Jul 16, 2013

Whether it’s inspiring others to feed the hungry, save animals, clean up schools or serve in other ways, Brad Jamison knows firsthand the positive effect service can have on individuals and communities.

Last year, Jamison completed Thirty Days of Service – 30 volunteer projects with 30 organizations in 30 consecutive days. Jamison drew from the experience for a blog he created to inspire others to serve. Through daily posts, he showed the personal and community benefits of serving.

“Each act of service brings something different,” Jamison wrote in one of his posts. “Sometimes it’s a great memory, sometimes a profound lesson, sometimes sweat, sometimes fun, etc. And, always a feeling of pride and accomplishment.”

Over the 30 days, Jamison – a former television and public relations executive – worked with organizations addressing a multitude of causes, including homelessness, environmental issues, youth empowerment and more. Based on that experience, Jamison launched, which provides resources for improving communities, the nation and the world through service.

Jamison says he believes that only through service, a uniting force, will we ever see an end to so many of the challenges facing our world.

Dev Staff