Brenda Williams

Daily Point of Light # 4695 Feb 6, 2012

Dr. Brenda Williams founded the Family Unit Inc. and the Do Right Project approximately four years ago to help individuals that had previously been incarcerated rebuild their lives in Sumter, S.C.
With the help of her church family, Brenda spearheaded the total renovation and refurnishing of abandoned homes in Sumter. Since its establishment in 2008, the Family Unit has given away three homes, free and clear to family’s that meet the organization’s requirements. These homes include furnishings and the residents have also been provided job assistance.
Since the establishment of the home giveaway program, the Family Unit has also educated residents of Sumter County with the voting process. Brenda is helping individuals obtain their picture IDs and register to vote despite the new voting process in the state of South Carolina.
The Family Unit also works with children of the Do Right Program. The Do Right Kids make gifts for children living in orphanages and hospitals to lift their spirits. Brenda is working to uplift the youth and adults in her community by creating opportunities for homeownership, voting and becoming engaged youth that give to other young people facing various challenges.
Brenda is addressing homelessness, voting rights and youth empowerment through the Family Unit and Do Right Project. This is why Brenda is a Daily Point of Light.