Michael Feduccia

Daily Point of Light # 4694 Feb 3, 2012

Michael Feduccia’s son has Down syndrome and as a result Michael has become a tireless supporter of the organization, Manasota BUDS (Bringing Up Down Syndrome).
Mike has volunteered countless hours educating his community about Down syndrome and organizing programs and services which directly benefit children and adults with Down syndrome, and their families.
In addition to attending every monthly meeting and rallying support at numerous other community events from cocktail parties to post-hole digging for our annual fundraising walk held on a farm, Mike gives his personal, emotional support to other men in raising their children/grandchildren with Down syndrome. He is a true source of support, encouragement, and inspiration.
Mike addresses many needs in his community for families of individuals with Down syndrome. First, he helps organize monthly meetings from ordering food to scheduling guest speakers. Second, he talks the talk and walks the walk taking his young son into the community and talking to citizens about his experience as the father of a boy with Down syndrome in a positive way. Third, he helped to raise funds which are a necessary activity for a nonprofit organization. He seeks and applies for grants and is always networking on behalf of Manasota BUDS.
Mike is a kind-hearted man who is concerned about the well-being of entire families of children with Down syndrome. He understands needs and works to find solutions. He is a special person who works hard for an important cause but would never expect any attention or reward for his efforts. This is why Mike is a Daily Point of Light.