Daily Point of Light # 1889 May 1, 2001

Brett White has had an astonishing impact on his school and community of Frametown, West Virginia. As a youth, he has achieved a success far beyond that of many adults. Awards, recognitions, and honors have all been bestowed upon him, but he does not serve his community for those things. White gives his effort, time, and heart to anyone who needs it. Many say he was born to be a leader, and his sense of caring has captivated the hearts of everyone in his rural community. His enthusiasm and spirit are contagious and he thrives off of turning a negative into a positive.

There are many organizations and programs that have been helped by White. He has always said he was motivated by one goal in life – to help others. That is exactly what he does. The West Virginia Youth Service Initiative was one of his pet projects. White founded this organization single-handedly and was responsible, through it, for the first statewide food drive in West Virginia. White coordinated statewide drop off points to pick up the donated food, special kick off events, and contacted the media to publicize the drive. Because of his endless phone calls and numerous mailings, White got schools throughout the state involved in this monument us project. He traveled all over the state to bring attention to the food drive, and he spent more time and energy educating the citizens about what they; need to do to help end the problem of hunger. White believes there is no greater joy than to know you’ve helped someone and made his or her life easier.

Not only has White implemented this statewide food drive, but also he has been involved in many other projects. He was his Student Council Historian and Parliamentarian, Hi-Y President, Vice-President and Treasurer, member of the National Honor Society, editor-in-chief of the Eagle Video Yearbook and copy editor for The Banner Newspaper. White also used his talents and was Webmaster for The Banner Online, a member of SADD, President of the Quill and Scroll Honorary Society for Journalists, Concert Band, Fellowship of Christians and the WV Adopt-A-Highway Program. He has served on over ten committees and was honored with The Distinguished West Virginian Award, the President’s Student Service Award, Governor’s Service Award, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, and a three year BCHS Student Council Honor Council.

White is extraordinary in that he balances his family life, schoolwork, and community commitments. In addition to his service, White believes he needs to continue to learn to enrich his life so he can pass on more to others. He has attended three WVASC Summer Leadership Workshops, four WVASC Fall Conventions, NASC Are Conferences, WVASC Advanced Leadership Workshops, Three Legislature Days, and the WV State Conference on Volunteerism and Community Service. There is so much more you can say about White, but it would still all be different venues of saying he is dedicated to service.