Daily Point of Light # 2491 Aug 22, 2003

Brittany Macdonald is a 24-year old graduate of Brigham Young University from Orem, Utah. She is an example to other youth and a mentor to those younger than her.

Brittany served as the President of Brigham Young University’s Golden Key International Honor Society from 2001-2002. She utilizes her position to help motivate and inspire other children. In March of 2001, she led more than 2,400 youth in Utah County to live a healthier life.

Brittany mobilized in excess of 100 Brigham Young University Students to volunteer with elementary students. The college youth went to pair up and teach third and fourth grade children in Provo, Orem, American Fork, Spanish Fork, Lindon, Payson and Lehi.

Brittany and her volunteers gave 40-minute BEST presentations to the children. BEST is an acronym for healthy living. The “B” is for building a healthy body through exercise, the “E” is for eating right, the “S” is for staying away from drugs and alcohol and the “T” is for thinking ahead to setting goals.

The children and teachers as well as the volunteers benefited. The teachers supported the program because it involved college students in the lives of elementary students. The message came across to them in a better way because they saw it coming from people that to them were still ‘young people’ as opposed to coming from their teachers. The students became very involved and the volunteers saw the impact they were having on the children.

Brittany’s work on this project, combined with her grades and extra curricular activities, earned her a USA Today 2002 All-USA College Academic Honorable Mention. USA Today was seeking 20 students who could be held up as representatives of all outstanding undergraduates in the country. The judges considered not only grades, honors and leadership; but they also looked at how the nominees apply their intellectual skills outside the classroom and how that benefits society.

Brittany graduated from BYU in April 2002 receiving summa Cum Laude and valedictorian for the College of Biology and Agriculture honors. She currently continues her efforts promoting healthy lifestyles in children by working as a clinical dietitian at Primary Children’s Medical Center.