Bruce Wood

Daily Point of Light # 5683 Feb 25, 2016

After serving in the armed forces, many veterans come back home to uncertain, and sometimes unfortunate circumstances. While these veterans have risked their lives for the sake of others, it is the willingness of your average civilian to give back that shows a true sign of gratitude.

Much appreciative of the service and sacrifice of veterans is Bruce Wood. Now retired, Wood spends the majority of his time volunteering. Lending his time and energy to support soldiers is a responsibility that is dear to Wood. He knows first hand the power of volunteering and the impact it can have on an entire community.

"Never underestimate the power of volunteers. Remember that Noah's Ark was built by volunteers and the Titanic was built by professionals," said Wood.

Working with Volunteer Prince William, Wood assisted in the start-up of the Veterans Enhanced Transportation Service (V.E.T.S.) program. With many veterans in constant need of urgent care, V.E.T.S. was created to help former soldiers, as well as widows, commute to and from their doctor appointments. Becoming the very first driver of the V.E.T.S. program, Wood has been essential in all facets of the operation.

As a constant contributor in the veteran community, Wood’s impacts has been evident. He helped build a facility for a Wounded Warrior project in Colorado, and later helped transform a residential home into a visitation and rehab facility for the Serve Our Willing Warriors program.

Present and past soldiers, willing to sacrifice their life for the safety of others deserve more support. We are fortunate to have someone as selfless as Wood to give back to those who have given us all so much.

Dev Staff