Can-Do Crew

Daily Point of Light # 1149 Jun 30, 1998

Since 1987, the Davis Monthon Air Force Base "Can-Do Crew" has been dedicated to helping the surrounding community of Tucson, Arizona. Their efforts involve assisting elderly and disabled adults with home repair and construction projects. Referrals are received from social service agencies in Tucson and Pima County, as well as self-referrals.

The "Can Do Crew," a non-profit organization that receives donations from the local churches, has 565 volunteers. In 1996, the organization received 162 requests for service. In that year alone, they put in 339,000 man-hours of labor. Even though the tasks could sometimes be overwhelming, the "Crew" was there to support the needy. Due to the large number of requests and the occasional lack of equipment or expertise, and to ensure quality service, some projects were delayed and rescheduled, but few were turned away.

Typically a "Crew" consists of 4 to 6 volunteers for small jobs, and 20 or more for larger ones. These volunteers are not skilled laborers; they are Air Force personnel and family members who care about the community.