Sister Elizabeth Brown

Daily Point of Light # 1150 Jul 1, 1998

In 1988, without money, local volunteers, youth volunteers from outside the state and Sister Elizabeth Brown joined together to establish EXCEL, a service learning program for children. During that first summer, more than 60 children registered for the program.

Over the past 10 years, Sister Brown has stayed in tune with the needs of the community. When parents came to her with concerns about the academic performance of their students, Sister Brown and the EXCEL Board formed a study group for the youth. Addressing the issue of parents in need of reading assistance, Sister Brown initiated an adult literacy program. When people came to her in need of clothing, Sister Brown worked with others to establish a second-hand clothing and household items store in the community.

Currently, Sister Brown is establishing a community center to provide a safe place for children's recreational activities, a place for teen mothers and a fun social environment for senior citizens. Sister Brown has served as the Chicksaw County summit leader for the Mississippi Summit for Children. She is also a member of the school Community Relations Committee, a committee formed to combat racial tensions in the town of Okolona.