Capture the Dream, Inc.

Daily Point of Light # 5227 May 28, 2014

Capture the Dream, Inc., a California nonprofit, serves low-income individuals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area enabling them to achieve their educational and career-oriented ambitions. Many low-income youth in the area lack the resources and motivational support to capture their dream careers.

Capture the Dream’s core focus is in the areas of education and career mentorship. Thus far, they have distributed over $200,000 to assist over 3,000 people in need. The organization provides support to youth and young adults in their academic studies and career aspirations by awarding scholarships, donating school supplies, facilitating education and career mentorship, and supplying incentives to further education and career development.

The organization has been running for 7 years. Its volunteers believe no dream is too big to achieve. They work to ensure every student, regardless of family income, will have access to the financial support and resources necessary to achieve their educational aspirations and career ambitions.

Dev Staff