Carol Olson

Daily Point of Light # 3268 Aug 15, 2006

Carol Olson is the type of person that knows when there is a need before others do. One adjective that describes her is a “DOER”.

Olson has served five years as a School Board member. She is a loyal supporter of the schools. When the District was looking at a tax levy override, Olson stepped up to the plate and publicly supported the override; she explained the situation to their patrons. In addition, the School Board was looking to fill the position of Superintendent. Olson stepped up to the plate and assisted with the search by chairing this community committee.

Olson is aware of the school’s infrastructure needs also and works to help when there is a need. School playground equipment was an issue so she became involved with organizing this project and incorporated both time and grant writing skills. Results are a beautiful complex of playground equipment that is used daily be the children of Dorchester. Olson then organized the City Park Renovation and Beautification Project, which is still an ongoing project.

Olson’s contributions include: Advisory committee and secretary of the Dorchester Methodist Church, Forth of July Activities, Halloween Party, Morning with Santa, Community Beautification Project, Crete Cares, Blue River Gifts, Safe House Work, Zoning Board, Community Cleanup and 55 MPH highway speed reduction.

In addition, Olson has been instrumental in starting the Dorchester Community Foundation. This will play an important part not only in Dorchester’s present but also in Dorchester’s future.

Carol Olson is a positive and unselfish individual contributing through her leadership and work ethic to make her community a better place for everyone. It is true she has not completed these projects by herself but if not for her vision and hard work, many of the projects would have not made it past the planning stage. Her service is affecting the community today, but it will also be a legacy that will reach into the future.