Jared Dempsey

Daily Point of Light # 3269 Aug 16, 2006

Our country has seen various revolutions. We have gone through an agricultural revolution, an industrial revolution and a technological revolution. As a result of the latter, you will not find many people who do not own a personal home computer, laptop or other device. Businesses are much the same. In the past, companies relied on typewriters and message pads, but now, in 2006 they, too, have experienced a revolution and depend on high speed internet, voice mail systems and a conglomerate of computers to run their various shops.

Because most Americans own and utilize computers, there is a need for a myriad of computer services. AmeriCorps in Carson City Nevada is utilizing the boom in technology as a part of inclusion in national service. Many Americans have disabilities but are highly capable of and desire to serve. In Nevada, inclusion programs involve training on ADA law, solutions for inclusion, how to recruit, support and retain people with disabilities, technical assistance and financial resources to provide reasonable accommodations, and the opportunity to create and inclusive, welcoming environment that will enrich any industry and its members through diversity.

Mr. Jared Dempsey is a part of this vision. He has been given the opportunity to contribute to his community while obtaining the support he needs to be successful through ComputerCorps, a 501©3 nonprofit organization. ComputerCorps has a certified data destruction service for individuals and companies that need to insure that the data has been safely and professionally eliminated from their hard drives. They use specialized software that meets Department of Defense specifications. The organization is dedicated to providing access to computer technology for all families, while eliminating electronic waste from our nation’s landfills. They have kept more than 1.2 million computer and electronic items out of landfills and currently receives in excess of 3,000 items monthly.

In 2006, Dempsey began volunteering after school and during the summer months at Computer Corps. He destroys data on computer hard drives as part of ComputerCorps' Data Destruction program. Dempsey is a person with disabilities who is giving back to the community through technology. He is a very special person who was spotlighted in the No Computer Left Behind Program, a special initiative through the partnership with AmeriCorps and ComputerCorps in Nevada. He attends Carson High School in Nevada, through a special partnership between ComputerCorps and Carson High School's Rehabilitation Program, the two organizations are able to bridge the gap in technology and preserve the landfills while serving the community.