Carrie Dobbins

Daily Point of Light # 3457 May 4, 2007

Carrie Dobbins accepted a volunteer opportunity working with autistic twins while their mother nursed their father who had terminal cancer. Carrie instantly developed both a compassion for this family's struggles and a sincere interest in Autism.

She continues to have a weekly commitment helping the boys, and has expanded her service to include advocacy and fundraising efforts to boost research and support services for families touched by Autism. Her compassion and dedication to a family and their twins has resulted in an impact on others in the community. Now other families are aware of resources available to them.

Carrie's efforts truly do "serve those who are disconnected from the larger community" and hopefully her fundraising will help towards the goal of "a long term solution." Her service is ongoing and she is in her second full year. In terms of "demonstrated impact," these twins have been able to find success as mainstreamed students and their teachers/caseworkers point to Carrie's help as being a major factor in their progress in school.

Last year, Carrie gave over 200 hours of service. She will continue to have a relationship with the twins in addition to serving the Kinston community in other areas of need.