Daily Point of Light # 3456 May 3, 2007

Miss Phoenix City, Jamie Harper, was elected to increase the ability for TEARS to grow within the mentoring and coaching program in September of 2006. Since that time Harper has successfully recruited volunteer mentors and coaches and designed and executed fundraisers to support after school programs for the youth involved in the mentoring program, including organizing a benefit concert in TEARS behalf that generated more than $500.00 in funds and more than 60 gifts donated to the youth served during Christmas as well as a network of future volunteers and contributors.

Harper refused to stop there and continued to see the needs of the youth. Many of the youth who are mentored by TEARS are also attending our tutorial program; Harper saw the need for these students to be supported academically. After speaking in  to a local Motorcycle Ministry, tutorial students received 12 backpacks full of supplies valuing over $275.00.

Harper is personally involved in the youth we serve participating in award ceremonies, game planning in educational development and participating in Abstinence Pledges. The youth served have greatly benefited by the dedication and passion that Haprer exuberates in all she does. She has been an instrumental part of the growth of TEARS. Within these last monthsTEARS has been able to serve more than 500 youth within the Russell County community and have grown to serve two additional counties.

Harper understands that mentoring and coaching the youth involves more then just spending one hour a week with a child. To be effective it takes community support and awareness to the needs of the youth in the community. Harper has used her personal influence within the community to speak out for the youth concerning issues of abstinence from drugs, alcohol and sex until marriage, child abuse awareness, literacy out reach, tutorial development and the need for after school services. She has talked on on the local radio stations, at teen summits and in local congregations.

Recently TEARS saw the need for more tutors to assist the youth after school, in a matter of moments Harper was volunteering to personally tutor those youth. Harper's dedication has taught many that you can always make time to serve our youth. Harper managers to balance out a full school and work schedule, full time church duties and the responsibilities of being Miss Phoenix City. With all this on her plate she still makes time for that she is most concerned with, the character development of the youth of Phoenix City.

As a result of Harper's continued support TEARS continues to provide wrap-around services for the youth. Harper's referrals for funds and community support assisted TEARS in the implementation of three additional services to the youth; a dance program, literacy assistance services and an advance leadership program. 


Dev Staff