Carylsue Evanhoff

Daily Point of Light # 3917 Feb 6, 2009

Carylsue Evanoff started volunteering at the Waterford Senior Center for the Focus Hope Food Program and Food Bank in 1991. For the past eleven years, she has supervised all the activities of the Focus Hope Food Program and the Emergency Food Program at this site. The Focus Hope Food Program distributes boxes of food to 124 clients each month. She will see that additional food is provided if circumstances warrant and it is available.

Carylsue orders and picks up the food, completes reports and coordinates volunteers to pack the food and deliver it. Carylsue commits 1,359 hours a year in assisting staff while supervising and additional 24+ volunteers. The Emergency Food Closet is for low-income seniors who need staple food items immediately for survival. Carylsue makes sure there is an adequate supply of food on hand in the pantry and advocates for donations to restock the shelves when necessary.

Carylsue is very frugal and is diligent about getting the most out each dollar available. She has become an advocate for the low-income senior by requesting help from local businesses. Carylsue organizes an annual bake sale to raise funds to offset the cost of both food programs. At Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, Carylsue has arranged for each of our clients to receive special holiday food boxes. Currently, Carylsue is arranging to get fresh fruits and vegetables for our clients. She will see that additional food is provided if circumstances warrant and it is available.

For the past five years, Carylsue has been working in conjunction with elementary school children in the Waterford School District to collect food for the pantry. She has mentored some school children by familiarizing them with the Waterford Senior Center and the inner workings of the food assistance programs for seniors.

Carylsue is a member of the Waterford Senior Center Advisory Board and the chair of the subcommittee for Human Services. She is also a member of the Waterford Senior Center Finance Committee. The members of these monthly committees assist the coordinator in setting the Center’s course for the future and making prudent financial decisions. Carylsue volunteers for the Waterford Aging Network whose mission is to expand services for local seniors. She works on their annual resource brochure, helps coordinate networking breakfasts and advocates for senior services within the Waterford community.

In addition, each fall the Waterford Senior Center hosts a Health Fair. Carylsue obligingly helps with the set up and volunteers her services in any way possible throughout the day.

Carylsue has a physical condition that prohibits her from lifting heavy objects. When the need arises, she calls upon her “resources,” other volunteers, to assist to get the task done.

Carylsue works tirelessly and is a very integral and vital part of the Waterford Senior Center. She has always demonstrated caring concern for low-income seniors. It is quite apparent that her area of interest is in helping with the community’s needs. Carlysue identifies seniors with special needs and seeks out additional assistance with outreach services whenever possible. It would be very difficult to replace such a caring and dedicated volunteer.