Chad Gaines

Daily Point of Light # 3878 Dec 15, 2008

It’s been said there’s a thin line between comedy and tragedy…well, Chad Gaines crosses that line with the speed and accuracy of a racecar driver in the Indy 500. His quickness and endurance is evident in his approach whether he is the guest of a TV show, author of a book or renowned inspirational speaker at a school or event.

His intelligent nature coupled with comedic timing might lead some to believe he has lived a long life…he has indeed, but he just happens to be in his mid-thirties. Abandoned, neglected and abused as a child, Chad’s personal story of triumph over tragedy inspires youth and adults nationwide to overcome life’s struggles and live life to the fullest.

Chad didn’t take the easy route, but instead chose a path of hard work and determination over many years of healing and fighting mental illness that almost took his life. Chad could have moved on and forgotten painful memories like most people told him to do but he uses them to benefit others throughout the nation.

“I’ve found that sometimes the things that hurt you the most in your life are the very things you can use to help others!” Chad developed and unstoppable positive attitude throughout his young life. Chad’s talent carries over into everything he does, including his forthcoming book: “Voices from a Locked Room”.

Chad definitely connects, and his audiences are inspired to RETHINK and REACT, Chad has spoken to crowds as large as 6,000. Throughout the course of seven years, in addition to making some of his speaking events Gains has donated clothes and food to homeless shelters and also has organized candlelight vigils for victims of abuse. Chad also consults with fundraising organizations and with individual’s intent on raising money or awareness for causes.

Chad has been able to coach thousands of teen and adults on how to think differently about not squashing your dreams by surrounding yourself with negativity and those types of people. He tells them, “If you want to be rich, do what the rich do, network and build a residual income.”

Some of Chad’s distinctive accomplishments have been recognized through a number of awards, as well as personal commendations from the President of the United States Jaycees. Recently he was the recipient and was honored as one of the Ten Outstanding Young American (TOYA) in the nation. Chad joins a distinguished group of alumni which includes: John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Anne Bancroft, Orson Wells, Walt Disney, and Nelson Rockefeller. Chad Gains is dedicated to many things: entertaining, inspiring, and empowering teens and adults to build their own dreams.