Chad Klitzman

Daily Point of Light # 5069 Oct 18, 2013

Chad Klitzman’s volunteer service enables the Travelers Aid International office in Newark, New Jersey to provide a much wider range of services to the clients it serves. This stems mainly from Klitzman’s knowledge of technology and his ability identify less costly options has saved countless members of the traveling public hundreds of dollars.

As soon as he started working for Travelers Aid, the staff knew Klitzman was unique. Within weeks of the start of his work, customers were calling into the office and sending emails to tell us how indispensable Klitzman’s services were to them.

Additionally, Klitzman is one of Travelers Aid’s most active volunteers when it comes to extended cases and this is likely why the staff has received rave reviews about the service he provides. He is always willing to go the extra mile and spend extra time with customers just to make sure that he does as thorough a job as possible. Last year, Travelers Aid honored him at our annual volunteer breakfast for completing one of the highest number of extended cases among our network of volunteers.

The mission of Travelers Aid is to assist people in transit by offering a “helping hand along the way.” The organization was conceived over 150 years ago when Bryan Mullanphy, the mayor of St. Louis, sought to create a program that assisted travelers heading west. Mayor Mullanphy would have been proud to know that people like Klitzman are following his example. Chad embodies the mission of Travelers Aid well.

Many people in the traveling public are apprehensive about the traveling experience. At Newark, customers often find themselves confused by signage, panicked by inclement weather or perturbed about flight delays. Klitzman functions as a touch of humanity in an otherwise impersonal and hectic environment. People like talking to someone that will listen to them and that is exactly what Klitzman does. His patience is one of his greatest virtues and this makes the people he works with extremely pleased with him.

Dev Staff