Christopher Craig

Daily Point of Light # 4600 Sep 23, 2011

Throughout the course of the past ten plus years, Christopher Craig has provided dedicated service to the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS).
Christopher began as an EMT with the NC-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team and since has served various roles within NDMS including a combined role of Communications Specialist and EMT for the National Medical Response Team East, lead Communications Officer for the NMRT-E team and Deputy Commander of the NMRT team. During his federal service, he has deployed to countless disasters, and has served his country on multiple National Specialty Security Events. His service has not only served the people of the United States during their most vulnerable times, but has also served The Department of Health and Human Services, NDMS, the NMRT team, and each individual that makes up those different divisions.
Outside NDMS, Christopher has shown great dedication to service to those in need, through his volunteerism at the local, state, and federal levels. He began his emergency medical service with the Ocean City Beach Patrol as a Surf Rescue Technician in Ocean City, Md. He then transitioned into a volunteer role as an EMT-I and Rescue Technician with the North Meck Volunteer Rescue Squad in Huntersville, NC – where he continues to serve.
Christopher has touched countless individual’s lives. He has helped communities when they are at their weakest and has gone so far as to recruit others like him into volunteer roles – furthering his reach and effect.
Christopher has remained selfless throughout his service, dropping everything for his fellow neighbor whenever necessary. He represents the true spirit of service that we all long to possess. This is what makes Christopher a Daily Point of Light.