City of Union, Kentucky Adopt-a-Unit Program

Daily Point of Light # 5150 Feb 10, 2014

The City of Union, Kentucky adopted military unit, HHT, 1-32 CAV from Fort Campbell, KY, through Americans Supporting Americans, a nonprofit that links active military units with strong, supportive communities across the country.

Since the city adopted the military unit, Union residents have gone well beyond the call of duty to assist the unit’s soldiers and their families, especially during its two deployments to Afghanistan in the past four years. In support of its adopted unit, Union residents have raised funds to support activities at Fort Campbell, and to send care packages to deployed soldiers.

Within the past year, the group’s volunteerism has reached new heights. Now, the group sponsors the entire 1-32 CAV squadron. Therefore, the group has increased the number of soldiers and military families it supports from 100 to a little over 600. They have hosted many soldiers in their community, and created an annual road race in Union in support of the unit.

Union City Adopt-A-Unit volunteers are an incredibly kind group of people who have provided amazing support to soldiers and their families. The group continues to seek new volunteers and community sponsors. They actively participate in unit activities at Fort Campbell, a little more than four hours away from Union, to maintain close ties to the unit.

Dev Staff