Cobb Faith Partnership

Daily Point of Light # 3414 Mar 6, 2007

Started as an informal group in 2000 and incorporated in 2002, Cobb Faith Partnership (CFP)'s mission is "Networking Local Faith-Based Outreach Ministries." CFP develops avenues for coordinating outreach and creating partnerships in their community—in effect, striving to become effective stewards of the community's God-given resources. In building this network of churches, ministries, nonprofits, and individuals, CFP works towards a vision of "Promoting Unity in Sharing God's Love with (their) Community" by communicating, connecting, and sharing resources – effectively demonstrating that by working together, they are "more than the sum of their parts."

CFP does not provide these services to citizens directly. Rather, CFP improves the ability of churches or ministries in their communities to provide outreach and missions activities more effectively and efficiently. CFP does all of these things with no paid staff – it is currently governed and managed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors.

CFP accomplishes its mission through regularly scheduled networking opportunities, educational events, mass communication and resource and referral member services. CFP's primary "target market" is all of Cobb County's Churches and Ministries, even though they welcome ANYONE wishing to join forces with them.

Since its inception, CFP has expanded meeting locations thereby increasing information sharing and community initiatives support, established annual “Small Ministries Making a Big Difference” forums, helped establish Cobb Disaster Recovery and launched a brand new, interactive website with a Members Only Section.