Denise Zachmann

Daily Point of Light # 3415 Mar 7, 2007

To say that Denise Zachmann is committed to helping others would be an understatement, for she embodies the very spirit of giving. Her diverse involvement ranges from teaching volunteers to crochet a baby blanket to be donated through Project Linus to serving as the Aetna Hartford Volunteer Council (AHVC) Chairman. Denise always offers to help with a smile. In 2006 alone, she logged 238 volunteer hours.

In addition to volunteering with her church, Denise has served as the Chairman since 2004. The Volunteer Council is charged with organizing workplace volunteering. In this capacity, Denise develops, organizes and implements projects that enable the Aetna employees to make a difference in the community.

Her drive and leadership has ensured a visual presence and robust event portfolio enabling employees to become aware of council activities. Over this time, membership has tripled and the event portfolio has increased 74%.

Denise collaborates with other Aetna groups in support of their initiatives in assisting organizations including the Working Mother’s Network by assisting in the collection of diapers and baby products as well as the Women’s Network in collecting career clothing for disadvantaged women.

Guidance and support is also extended to other employee’s efforts in assisting organizations such as recycling calendars and greeting cards for teachers and students to encouraging creative educational opportunities and nourish learning through exploration and discovery. The Lion’s club receives over 200 recycled eyeglasses yearly which will be cleaned, repaired and hand-delivered during optical missions to developing countries.

Denise believes it’s not only helping out in big way that can have such an impact on an individual, family or organization but the little ways that may sometimes be overlooked. She has been growing her hair curly red hair for three years in order to donate 10 inches to Locks of Love, an organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 18 suffering from long-term medical hair loss.

On an ongoing monthly basis, Denise facilitates the AHVC’s support in providing non-perishable food and cleaning products for two local families suffering from devastating medical situations. She manages a team of more than forty volunteers who clip and sort coupons throughout the week to help military families stateside and overseas stretch their budgets. They shipped 575.8 pounds in 2005 and 2006 which volunteers spent a total of 1,931 hours clipping, another way for Aetna employees to express gratitude to our American military troops and families.

In order to be on the front lines showing her support, gauging the feel of a project and employee’s responsiveness, Denise actively participates in AHVC events coordinated by other members through-out the year in addition to her organizing duties.

Volunteerism is the cornerstone of “Culture of Caring” as Denise, with the support of her manager and department, stays consistent in keeping long standing relationships with employees and the communities that she serves. You can find her many a night working late to be sure that all ongoing activities within the AHVC portfolio are running smoothly and that nothing “falls through the cracks.” With her enthusiasm and can-do attitude, Denise inspires everyone around her to do their very best.