Colonel Wayne Clark

Daily Point of Light # 3358 Dec 18, 2006

During the past year, Colonel Wayne W. Clark unselfishly gave approximately 900 volunteer hours of his coveted off-duty time to serve the Area II and Korean communities through service organization such as the USFK Good Neighbor Program (GNP), the US Ski Patrol-Asia, various Youngsan community events and the Area II Youth Services Sports Program.

In support of the GNP and local community events, Col. Clark directly enhanced the ROK-US bond performing countless services. These include but are not limited to acting as an English language proctor and sports coach for elementary level Korean children, serving as a critical “helping “ hand for establishment and execution of various on post community festivals and being an active participant in numerous GBP and Korean American events. In addition, he led soldier and civilian educational programs to enhance better understanding of both cultures. During 2005, he donated 630 hours of service to these programs.

As a member of the US Ski Patrol-Asia, Col. Clark energetically used his certified medical skills to directly better the well-being of the ROKUS snow skiing public. In support of numerous USFK, Area II and Department of Defense Schools Youngsan Korea snow ski events, he provided ski and safety instruction, on-site event coordination and emergent medical care services. Using his vast knowledge of the Korean culture, he was able to professionally integrate into the Ski Resort’s Korean Ski Patrol as an accepted member, teaming with the Korean patrol to enhance the healthcare for all ROK and foreign skiers. Through tenacious effort, no adult or child under his watch had any significant injury, all leaving with fun filled memories. For those that were slightly injured, he ensured they received the best emergency are available at these remote mountain sites. Col. Clark volunteered in excess of 150 hours with the Ski Patrol.

Col. Clark also works with youth as a swim coach and assistant soccer coach. He helped to mold the individual-team esprit and coordination skills of the children, many of whom had never played the game of soccer. As a result, the team had a successful year, which, by definition, was in having all kids participate with smiles and sense of pride. As with many of the sports programs, there is always a shortage of volunteer coaches and parents. Col. Clark, once again, stepped up to serve as a part time assistant coach at the 0530 hour swim practices, and full time Official Swim Meet Time Keeper for all Yongsan swim meets. Although his son might have been a team member, these jobs took away limited parenthood time that most others used strictly for their child’s benefit. Instead, Wayne spread his heart to all kids without favoritism. During the swim meets, he managed the extremely difficult task of establishing and certifying the lane time clocks, the training to standard of over 15 new time keepers per meet, and the analysts of hundreds of data to determine standings. He accomplished these all with outstanding results and gave more than 100 hours of service in this area.