Conejo Clinic

Daily Point of Light # 1204 Sep 15, 1998

Over twenty years ago in Thousand Oaks, California, the Conejo Clinic was established to provide medical and legal assistance to those who could not afford private care. The Clinic is open Monday through Friday, operates in rent-free space from Community Conscience and is volunteer-run.

A base donation of ten dollars is requested of each clinic patient, although services are still provided if the patient cannot afford to pay. The Conejo Free Clinic also provides information and referral services by telephone and distributes a current list of organizations providing services that the clinic does not offer. In addition, the clinic has established a video library on health and personal development.

Once a month, every morning and evening, immunizations are distributed and the records are stored with the Clinic. Local physicians and registered nurses provide free medical services during daytime hours throughout the week and evening hours on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday by appointment only. The services include blood pressure checks, HIV testing, pregnancy tests, and birth control counseling.

The Conejo's Legal clinic is open on Tuesday evenings by appointment. The legal staff is comprised of local practicing attorneys and paralegals who volunteer their services during the evenings. The legal clinics are a consultation service only, serving an average of 20 people every Tuesday. Once a month, the Clinic sponsors a family law and custody class.

The clinic is funded through grants and private donations as well as contributions from the City of Thousand Oaks.