Interfaith Mission of Sussex County

Daily Point of Light # 1205 Sep 16, 1998

Interfaith Mission of Sussex County (IMSC), Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Delaware. The Mission was part of the Interfaith Housing Department for about 10 years, but has now functioned independently for the past 2 years. The purpose of the organization is to improve the quality of life for individuals through better housing. The Interfaith Mission has become involved in a number of projects to improve the lives of those in their community. Two learning centers have been established, home-ownership counseling is offered, and the organization is in the process of building 24 rental units in Georgetown.

The two learning centers are located in within the high-risk neighborhoods of Pepper Ridge Park and Twin Cedars. The children who use the centers come from under-privileged, multi-cultural, low-income families. Volunteers come to the centers from IMSC, local churches and the surrounding community to help the children with their homework, provide special reading programs for those in need, teach English, offer drug awareness programs and home ownership counseling for first time home buyers. Since their opening, there have been definite improvements in the academic performance of the children who attend the centers' programs. They have improved in their language skills, reading, and writing, and have a better understanding of mathematical concepts. IMSC pays for the rent and utilities for the units while volunteers from local church organizations provide the snacks and supplies. The children have also had the opportunity to take bus trips to the Baltimore Aquarium, the Opera, and other local events.

Through private donations and local organizations, IMSC was able to purchase 4 lots in Sussex County; two were donated to Habitat for Humanity. The other two lots are also going to be used to help families within Sussex County find better opportunities for housing. The problems of the community are immediately addressed by IMSC.

Presently, IMSC is building 24 rental units in Georgetown for its poultry workers. IMSC is building the rental units to provide better housing and assistance to these people who are seeking affordable housing in a suitable living environment.

IMSC brings together Sussex County members of all faiths and backgrounds. They are striving together to build a sense of community, by initiating and participating in efforts to make systematic, economic, and social changes by developing leadership within the community. IMSC is funded through fundraising activities, the local Ministerium, individual contributions, and contributions from other local organizations.