Curt Metzger

Daily Point of Light # 4598 Sep 21, 2011

Curt Metzger, of the United States Navy’s Blue Angels, volunteers and coordinates volunteers from the Blue Angels squadron for the Habitat for Humanity organization in Pensacola, Fla.
Curt is a long-time Habitat volunteer, starting with his experience at Habijax in Jacksonville, Fla. When he was transferred to Pensacola, Curt looked for a local Habitat to continue his volunteer service. Curt recruited several Blue Angels to volunteer during Pensacola’s 2011 Build-a-thon held during the 100th anniversary of Naval Aviation Week.
Curt’s volunteerism addresses poverty housing issues in the Pensacola community. He helps build affordable homes for families who are in need of stable housing. As a member of the military, Curt commits most of his time serving our country. In his off-duty time, he continues to serve through his volunteer work. Because of Curt’s volunteer service, more families are able to realize their dream of homeownership. Curt has also spear-headed a really strong, long-lasting partnership between the Blue Angels and Habitat for Humanity.
Curt does not volunteer out of obligation, but simply because he has a good heart. Although he volunteers a lot, what’s more important and obvious about his volunteerism is the quality. He takes time to build relationships with Habitat crew leaders, staff and family partners. He doesn’t just “go through the motions” on his days of service. He is sincere in his support of Habitat’s mission and that is why Curt is a Daily Point of Light.