Cynthia Sluka

Daily Point of Light # 6209 Mar 2, 2018
Cynthia (far right) being presented with a donation for Airman's Attic at Eglin Air Force Base./Courtesy Cynthia Sluka

Cynthia Sluka volunteers as an assistant manager at the Airman’s Attic at Eglin Air Force Base in Okaloosa County, Florida. Airman’s Attic helps defray the costs of setting up a household for eligible, active-duty military members by providing children’s clothes, baby items, and furniture at no-cost. Cynthia oversees sorting, deliveries, and pickups.

“I have been volunteering for many years,” Cynthia said. “I’ve always wanted to help the less fortunate – especially my fellow sisters and brothers of the military since I am a retired veteran myself.”

Cynthia also volunteers with the animal shelter on the base, where she helps rehabilitate animals and fosters them in her home. “A life is a life – no matter if it’s a human [being] or an animal,” Cynthia said. “We all need help at some time or another in our lives.”

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Jia Gayles