Daily Point of Light # 3402 Feb 16, 2007

Dalene Withycombe is a key volunteer for Missoula's Out to Lunch in Caras Park summer series. Out to Lunch is the largest festival in Western Montana and has been taking place for 20 years. They could not make this even happen without the dedication of the many volunteers.

Withycombe has been a loyal volunteer for the program for almost 15 years, and has chaired it's committee several of the years she has been involved. Withycombe and the other volunteers for the Out to Lunch committee work very hard for almost eight months of the year to fundraise, organize vendors, hire musicians, market the event and keep the “behind the scenes” work running smooth each week. Withycombe is also key in helping coordinate the retail operations every year, sharing with us her knowledge to ensure successful retails sales for the Out to Lunch program.

Earlier this summer, a reporter asked Withycombe what her favorite thing about Out to Lunch was, to which she replied, “being with all of these people and seeing how much work it took to put together and how much the people enjoy it.” Withycombe’s positive outlook and 'can-do' attitude are a joy to have on the Out to Lunch committee. She is a perfect example of the valuable contributions Missoula’s retired residents make every day in the community.


Dev Staff