Kay Cain

Daily Point of Light # 3403 Feb 19, 2007

Kay is a whirlwind of energy and has a list of accomplishments and achievements that proceed her. She has actively been involved in the community: as a volunteer for the International Wildlife Film Festival (IWFF), a seamstress for those children in need of costumes, a volunteer at Big Brother’s & Sisters, an advocate for PTA and parent involvement in our school, and a past Board Member of Hellgate Elementary School who served as chairwoman and was very active in Montana School Board Association (MTSBA).

The kindness and generosity she extends to others is a gift. She has worked with children practicing math facts and reading as well as doing art projects and making sure all six-3rd grade classes have Christmas ornaments to take home or Mother’s Day presents. No matter what the occasion is Kay is not short on ideas. She is an incredible fundraiser for her community as she makes flaxseed bags, sells them, and donates the money to the 3rd grade fund to help out students less fortunate with the expense of some field trips (skiing, IWFF, etc.). Missoula is indeed lucky to have her talent and expertise.

There is also another wonderful side of Kay. It is the human element and genuineness of Kay that radiates and touches all who know her. She is a hard worker, but she also knows how to laugh and enjoy life. The staff appreciates her being a part of their day at school. She touches everyone she meets in a positive way.