Nancy Polsin

Daily Point of Light # 3404 Feb 20, 2007

Nancy Polsin has been an AIMS volunteer since 2000. In that time she has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to our program. Nancy is unfailing in her continuous assistance to Medicare beneficiaries in Missoula County. Often times she will take on challenging cases and advocate for seniors who would otherwise be ‘lost in the system’. Her professionalism is evident in her thorough nature, documentation and perseverance with these demanding cases.

It is not a cliché to say ‘we couldn’t do it without her’ because it is true—the success of our program is directly linked to volunteers such as Nancy, who share their knowledge of Medicare, and set a standard for themselves to continue to learn new aspects of the ever-changing program.

One senior who was assisted by Nancy with a particularly complex Medicare situation, later called to say: “I felt instantly that everything was going to be okay when I met her. I just knew she was going to help me set things right, and she did.”

Nancy has volunteered in Missoula for several years as an RSVP Volunteer with such organizations as the Missoula Food Bank, and the Missoula Cultural Council. Often times she is joined by her husband Jim Polsin. Nancy Polsin is a caring, dedicated volunteer and we are proud to call her our Senior of the Year.