Dare to Discuss: AIDS Awareness and Advocacy-

Daily Point of Light # 4615 Oct 14, 2011

When Jamie Brooks met a 18-year-old boy who had been battling HIV since age 15, she was inspired to take action.
Jamie witnessed how the young man was treated negatively by others and how the disease would forever change his life, and AIDS awareness became her life’s mission. Jamie created a community organization known as Dare to Discuss: AIDS Awareness and Advocacy in 2005 and since then has been a voice of compassion in the Birmingham, AL community.

Jamie Brooks’ goal with Dare to Discuss is to promote awareness and advocacy of HIV/AIDS. Dare to Discuss works to increase knowledge of HIV statistics and facts, ways of infection, the dangers of risky behaviors, positive decision-making skills, self-empowerment, and services and programs offered by Dare to Discuss and partnering organizations. Likewise, Dare to Discuss promotes activism, volunteerism and participation in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Furthermore, Dare to Discuss fights to end the negative stigmas inflicted upon those with HIV/AIDS, raises funds and supplies for those living with HIV/AIDS and supports emotional counseling for those with HIV/AIDS. Lastly, Dare to Discuss actively fundraises for HIV vaccine and treatment research.

Jamie has shared her message with thousands of young people and made her community and her state more aware of HIV/AIDS, led many young children to have higher self esteem and good decision making skills, raised more than $5,000 for AIDS organizations and donated over 2000 volunteer hours to the cause. She has inspired her community to be more compassionate to those with HIV and to protect themselves from the disease.

Jamie Brooks is a Daily Point of Light because she utilizes her time, talent, voice and resources to the benefit of others.