Nicholas Longo

Daily Point of Light # 4617 Oct 18, 2011

In honor of generationOn’s Make Your Mark Week all of our Daily Point of Lights this week are awarded to youth who are making a difference in the world and speaking out about causes they care about. There are so many impressive youth who are making their mark in positive ways within their communities.

Today’s Daily Point of Light, Nicholas Longo, co-founded an anti-bullying organization created by teens for teens. Stop the Hate, Spread the Hope supports those who have been bullied or are being bullied, along with those who may witness bullying. The below video is a trailer for The Stop The Hate Spread the Hope documentary.

The organization’s vision is to provide hope to individuals who have encountered bullying in some way in their life. Whether they be the victim, the bystander, or even the bully themselves Stop the Hate, Spread the Hope is seeking to start honest conversations between people.

Want to get more involved with the cause? Follow Stop the Hate, Spread the Hope on Facebook.

“We are here to spread the message that when it comes to the issue of bullying there is no more standing by. And by getting people to stand up in community against this issue, we have hope that bullying will end and that things will get better. And that finally everyone will treat one another the way they’d want to be treated.”