David Gauthier

Daily Point of Light # 3772 Jul 18, 2008

David "Larry" Gauthier joined the Phoenix Police Department in January 2002 as a Motorist Assist Program (M.A.P.) volunteer. MAP members are uniformed volunteers who patrol city streets in marked police vehicles. Their position is the most strenuous and visible volunteer program within the Police Department. Their work includes a significant amount of time with the public and in the roadway, which exposes them to many dangers.

In just the first 9 months of this year, Larry assisted with 243 traffic collisions, 69 disabled vehicle calls, and logged more than 298 hours in just directing traffic. This is just a part of many different day-to-day functions he does as a MAP volunteer. Larry donated 1,015 hours to the Citizens Offering Police Support (C.O.P.S.) Program in 2006 and so far this year as logged 812 hours of volunteer time; the most for our group. These hours calculate a savings to the City in the amount of $35,188.

Larry has exceeded department standards in overall performance. In addition to Larry’s normal MAP functions, he has been our M.A.P. Administrative Coordinator for the last several years. On a monthly basis, he collects all M.A.P. worksheets and enters the information into a database. Larry also consistently manages the equipment issues related to our six patrol trucks and recently spent a significant amount of time helping me bring two new trucks on board.