June Fletcher

Daily Point of Light # 3771 Jul 17, 2008

When the zoo keepers are doing an “off grounds” event and need an extra hand, June is there. When they are short on staff personnel at the zoo, June is there to help fill the void. She is just as much “hands on” as she is an educator. From exhibit work, to donations for the animals, to taking over a major project here at the zoo…June is there to help.

The zoo recently lost a home school teacher in the education department and June took charge of the class. Not only is June spending 3 days a week at the zoo teaching students, she is volunteering at night with the Boo at the Zoo event. The teen volunteers at the zoo have more structure to their program since June is involved also.

June Fletcher is an avid animal lover. She spends a lot of time at the Humane Society and she is even one of the spokespeople for the Humane Society. She takes animals to the news station every Thursday morning, without fail, to show the public the wonderful animals they can adopt. She takes many stray animals into her home and shows them more love than many show other humans.