David Tuckman

Daily Point of Light # 5036 Sep 3, 2013

David Tuckman, a former Red Cross Youth President, is a Red Cross District Youth Advisor for the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of Red Cross. He also serves as the captain of a Red Cross Disaster Action Team on 12-hour shifts where his team responds to fires and floods every week helping a population ranging from poverty level to middle class covering San Fernando Valley, 2 million plus.

Tuckman is a leader and a teacher who ensures Red Cross volunteers are trained and prepared. In addition to leading a disaster action team, he is a Red Cross First Aid Station Team Leader. He trains Red Cross youth ages 16 to 18 to serve on Red Cross first aid teams for community events such as the Pasadena Tournament of Roses parade, where 250 Red Cross EMTs, EMRs, MD and 20 Red Cross Youth Responders help injured band members and the spectators at 12 first aid stations.

In September 2012, the Red Cross recognized Tuckman for his years of exemplary service and dedication.

Dev Staff