Dawn Horney

Daily Point of Light # 4291 Jul 19, 2010

Children who get their schooling at home often do not have access to the same experiences that other school children do. Holiday parties, student competitions, field trips… things that other students may take for granted aren't readily available to many home schoolers.

Enter volunteer Dawn Horney. Dawn has taken it upon herself to do all she can to ensure homeschoolers get a positive and enriching educational and social experience from their school years.

She attended teacher training for the "Jason Project," a research program that connects students with scientists and their efforts to study and apply science to real world problems. Dawn then adapted the curriculum for homeschoolers and oversaw the program in her region for five years. 

Of the numerous other events and outings for homeschoolers that Dawn has coordinated, she is especially proud of her teams of homeschoolers who have particiapted ion the Fiesta Bowl Aerospace Challenge. 

One of the teams she coached made it to the top six and the finals of the competion. She also works tirelessly to coordinate various field trips for homeschoolers; including an educational overnight camping field trip to the Phoenix Zoo, and trips to experience the public transit options available to citizens and meet with public transit officials.

Now in her 11th year as a home school support leader, Dawn is looking forward to leading a team of students to participate in next year's National History Day & Poetry Out Loud competitions, coordinating the Junior Achievement Finance Park Program, and working on a high school enrichment program.

Asked how she has enough time for all she does, Dawn states, "I don't think it's possible to have enough time to develop and provide as many educational and social enrichment activities for homeschoolers as I have ideas or inspiration—but I strive to do what I can, and expect this to be a lifelong pursuit."