Gregg Scott

Daily Point of Light # 4290 Jul 16, 2010

A Constant Source of Support for Youth
Greg Scott has been involved with youth organizations since 1984. His deep dedication to help young people gain life skills that will help them to become active and engaged citizens can be felt throughout the communities in which he has lived.
After moving to Chester in 1992, Gregg immediately went in search of an organization in which he could serve. He connected with the American Legion and volunteered to develop the Boys State program for the Legion post, becoming District Chairman in 1998. During that same time period he also was a youth soccer and baseball coach. Every spare hour he had was given to help the youth of the community achieve their goals.
Gregg also began to volunteer for the Boy Scouts as an assistant scout master and merit badge councilor. His dedication to that organization resulted in his being asked to be on the Lassen District Committee as the Membership Chair, a position he still holds today. Yet, he still believes his most important role with the Boy Scouts is simply being with the scouts at the weekly meeting and outing to act as a role model and mentor.
He is also a volunteer board member of the Narcotics Overdose Prevention and Education (NOPE) Taskforce, and is a board member of the Chester Public Utility and Fire District.
What’s even more remarkable is that during that time, Gregg returned to school and changed his career. A time period full of big life changes, usually associated with stress, was a time when Gregg’s volunteer hours increased all the more. Since he started keeping track in 2003, Gregg has volunteered well over 4,500 hours to youth programs in his community.
Gregg has said that he wil continue to volunteer as long a his health allows and then will simply take on different, less physical, tasks. His long term goal is to insure that more and younger adults are involved in the programs that will give our youth a chance at a better and brighter future. His ultimate reward would be to see the young people he works with today, become the leaders and mentors of the next generation.