Dayna Hilton

Daily Point of Light # 4193 Mar 1, 2010

Dayna Hilton is an amazing fire safety advocate.
Hilton, a certified Fire and Life Safety Educator II and Firefighter II, volunteers with Johnson County RFD #1 in Clarksville, Arkansas, on the Arkansas Fire Prevention Commission, is a deputy fire marshal for the State of Arkansas and serves on several national fire service committees. She volunteers as the state educator contact for the National Fire Protection Association for the state of Arkansas and is a member of the Home Safety Council’s Expert.
Arkansas is ranked seventh in fire related deaths and injuries. Nationally, the very young have a much greater risk of fire-related deaths than other children. Troubled by these statistics, Dayna set out to help “make a difference” in the state of Arkansas and in the nation. Dayna has worked as a volunteer firefighter since August 2000 and has donated over 3,000 hours each year to help keep children and their caregivers fire safe.
She also established numerous fire safety programs to educate her community and nation. Dayna hosts several fire safety websites, blogs and radio programs geared toward the education of firefighters, children and their caregivers. She serves on committees on the local and national levels, conducts countless fire safety presentations as well as helping share her programming efforts with other fire departments.
Firefighter Dayna is also the author of a children’s fire safety book entitled Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog. To date, the book has been been credited with saving the lives of two adults and seven children. A portion of the book’s proceeds support the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation. Dayna’s four-legged companion, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, travels with her, taking their fire safety messages all across the United States. Together, the duo has reached millions of children and their caregivers.
Dayna’s efforts have brought about greater awareness of fire safety around the nation. Through innovative fire safety programming, Dayna and her canine companion, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, have reached millions of children and their caregivers.