Carole Moore-Biggio

Daily Point of Light # 4192 Feb 26, 2010

Carole Moore-Biggio of New Hampshire exemplifies the power of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things. When her brother, Brian Moore, was deployed to Iraq with his National Guard Unit, Carole started a non-profit organization with a mission to send care packages to troops in the Middle East. Carole and her “army of volunteers” sent supplies to Brian’s unit, and to any member of the military who requested a care package. The service members benefiting from Carole’s packages were so impressed by her ability to provide needed supplies that they named her organization “Mooremart”, because she had “moore” supplies than a national department store!
So far, Carole has sent care packages to more than 11,000 members of the Armed Services for a total 21,000 care packages.
Over the last three years, Carole has also organized a Christmas Stocking Drive, shipping almost 8,000 Christmas stockings to troops recuperating at international military hospitals, to members of the Armed Services stationed around the world, and to the processing center in Kuwait for military members arriving in the Middle East during Christmas week.
Today, MooreMart’s mission has expanded to include children in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mooremart has supplied two schools in rural Afghanistan and three schools in Baghdad. Orphanages and schools throughout the Middle East have benefited from new school supplies, toys and outerwear provided by Mooremart. Carole also organized soccer ball drives, distributing over 3,200 soccer balls to local villages throughout the Middle East.
Carole’s service is a strong reminder that people drive change, that passion overcomes obstacles and that service brings people together. Through Mooremart, Carole has mobilized her community and created a support network that now reaches thousands of miles to the Middle East and Asia.