Tyler McGee

Daily Point of Light # 4190 Feb 24, 2010

As if Tyler McGee’s senior year in high school wasn’t busy enough, he has added visiting the sick and elderly, teaching reading to first graders, and working with the local Apple Valley Sheriff’s station.
However, Tyler may be best known for his work with dogs, training them in agility and obedience so they can serve alongside him. When Tyler was 6 years old, he began showing his Welsh Corgi, Shadow, who ran timed obstacle courses at the fair. So far, he has trained three dogs in agility and therapy work. Tyler and his dogs have visited senior citizens and the sick, to brighten their days. For the last three years, he has organized an annual Salute to Veterans Senior Citizen Fun Day with a barbeque lunch, hayrides, gifts, and dog agility exhibitions.
For the last six years Tyler has tutored first-graders in reading and organized Agility Fun Runs for Books, collecting almost 1,000 books and more than $1,000 to purchase books. His fundraising has provided books to 55 first- grade classes in the Apple Valley Unified School District.
At the Apple Valley Sheriff’s station, Tyler volunteers more than 120 hours a month. When one of the deputies was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Tyler organized two pancake breakfasts that earned more than $15,000 for the young deputy and his family.
Tyler’s volunteer work at the Sheriff’s station has made him a strong advocate for gun safety. He teaches the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program to over 1,000 first-graders in his community. This program instructs students to stop, don’t touch, leave the area and tell an adult if they see or find a gun.
Tyler shows the power of an individual to change his community significantly for the better. He is an inspiration to the senior citizens, students and deputies of Apple Valley.