Dearborn Police Explorer Post 1177

Daily Point of Light # 3769 Jul 15, 2008

The Dearborn Police Explorer Post 1177 was established in 1968. It is an organization that provides leadership, integrity and good citizenship skills to young people ages 14-21. These young individuals have a sincere desire to become law enforcement officers and the Post provides this training. The current Post is 25 members strong and very diverse; they represent the cultural makeup of the City of Dearborn.

They have gown and put aside their differences, putting aside their gender, race and religion. They work as a team and the results have shown. In the last two National Competitions 2004/2006, members won first place trophies in Crime Scene and Hostage Negotiations. The Post is a volunteer service, giving back to community as the community has given to them. The young people donate their time to assist civic organizations with security as eyes and ears during their events. The training and skills they receive prepare them in becoming productive members of society.

Each individual in the Posts does approximately 500 hours of community service during the year. Some of these hours are done in the classroom or at events such as the Dearborn Relay for Life for Cancer, Dearborn Art on the Ave, Dearborn Homecoming and many more. The Post raises money to assist local charities such as the Relay for Life $1,595 this past Spring. The Dearborn Police Department benefits by hiring these fine individuals as police officers once they are done with school and meet the City’s requirements.