Eleanor Clauson

Daily Point of Light # 3768 Jul 14, 2008

Eleanor, or Ellie or Nana, as she is known to her friends and family, has spent a lifetime of serving others. Nearly 80 years of thinking of others first, doing for others before she does for herself, doing without so others will have what they need is a remarkable way of life.

Ellie was a teacher and a vision therapist for many years in Phoenix, AZ. Not only did she work long days with children who needed all the support she could provide, she worked long into the night brailling, adapting and modifying the materials her students would need. She spent weekends at seminars and classes learning what her students needed in order to learn and purchased supplies they needed using her own money.

Since she was a child, Eleanor has spent countless hours volunteering at her church—donating items, organizing events, running the library, teaching Sunday school and Vacation Bible School. She spent many hours as a member and president of League of Women Voters; she was a Brownie Scout leader; she worked to organize and support various Little League teams, and has served in all offices and on all committees of Delta Kappa Gamma for more than 20 years.