Deborah Ivie

Daily Point of Light # 6226 Mar 27, 2018

Deborah Ivie volunteers as adminstrator of the service learning program at Entheos Academy, which has campuses in Kearns and Magna, Utah. One of the goals of Entheos is to empower youth, from kindergarten through ninth grade, to become leaders through service.

“The service learning component was something I wanted for my own children,” said Deborah, a mother of seven. “During the first few years, the school didn’t have the resources to put it into place. I knew I had the capability to put together a good program, and help the school to get where it needed to be.”

Over 15,000 hours of service have been given by sixth graders alone since [Deborah] instituted the program nine years ago,” said Melanie Louviere, a director at the school. “She still volunteers as service learning administrator by finding resources and mentoring students.”

Deborah says that the most important thing she’s learned through volunteering is that kids are capable of learning and giving back, as long as adults give them an avenue to learn.

“Adults often meet needs better as mentors, allowing youth to do the work,” she said.

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Jia Gayles