DeLeon Springs United Methodist Church: Food for the Journey Volunteers

Daily Point of Light # 5166 Mar 4, 2014

Located in DeLeon Springs, Florida, Food for the Journey is a food pantry operated by DeLeon Springs United Methodist Church volunteers.

Food pantry volunteers believe hunger knows no season and is with us year round. Therefore, volunteers work assiduously year round to collect non-perishable food items and financial donations from community members and local organizations to share with their DeLeon Springs neighbors.

The idea for food the pantry began when two residents of DeLeon Springs approached the reverend of the United Methodist Church after hearing stories during a tutoring session of children going without food and living in garages and vehicles with their families. After further research, they discovered that although other food pantries existed in nearby areas, the location was not accessible to needy families.

As a result, they worked with DeLeon Springs United Methodist Church and opened the Food for the Journey pantry in September 2011. When it first opened, only 18 families showed up for groceries. However, toady, the pantry services up to 500 families each month.

Dev Staff