Denise Roundy

Daily Point of Light # 3481 Jun 7, 2007

Denise has facilitated the "Grizzly Pride" program for the Grandview Elementary School for the past five years. The goal is to promote social competence and develop skills that will help the students become contributing adults.

Grandview Elementary School has identified certain social skills the students need to possess such as "How to resolve differences, how to accept responsibility, how to show appreciation” and others. Each month the teachers teach the specific steps for these skills. Denise arranges a parent to come in and teach a home lesson. The students hear this lesson and then go home and teach it to their families. This has created some wonderful connections in the community. The skills and lessons have even been used over the pulpit in one local church.

To reinforce the application of the skill the school has praise notes that are written when a student is "caught" practicing the skill. Denise comes every week and gathers a copy of each note for data keeping. She makes a copy of several for the principal to read over the intercom with announcements.

The school has attempted several things to encourage note writing. Charts, hall decorations, banners in the lunchroom, all with students names that have had a praise note written to them. Denise has written hundreds of names on “sticky notes” to post on displays to recognize student success.

The staff meets monthly to discuss the program and what can be done to promote and encourage character development and social competence. Denise comes every month and participates in these meetings also.