Joe Casassa

Daily Point of Light # 3480 Jun 6, 2007

For the past 33 years, Joe Casassa has served the EPS industry not only through employment but by serving on several boards and volunteering his time unselfishly. To begin, Joe currently serves on three boards as Vice Chairman. On these boards, he assures that the industry is providing information to consumers and manufacturers on the benefits of recycling and utilizing EPS (Expanded Polystyrene). As a member of the EPS Air Quality Task Force, Joe works tirelessly on issues that protect air quality and public health. Working with the EPA, he makes sure that the Clean Air Act and amendments are being adhered to.

In addition, Joe has been a longtime advocate and supporter of the molding community. With his knowledge and expertise in Expandable Polystyrene, he has been recognized by consumers, peers and third-party agencies as the go-to-guy when using these building materials to make a difference in a homeowner’s yearly energy bill. Involved in a few regulatory code committees, Joe has rallied to ensure that the environment we live in is free of air contaminants.

Last, Joe Casassa has been a longtime volunteer of Habitat for Humanity. Joe has not only built homes but has assisted by offering technical information on the types of building insulation to use on various homes which resulted in reduced cost. His input can easily add five years or more to the longevity of a home. In addition to building homes, Joe is involved in recycling efforts. Pushing for a better recycling system, not just curbside recycling, Joe played an integral part in AFPR’s National Mail-Back Program that allows consumers who cannot recycle EPS on the curbside because the program is not available to now having the option to mail in their EPS rather than it ending up in the landfills.

Joe’s tremendous efforts and time has enabled us to breathe easier knowing that someone has our best interest at heart.